Mindset Training and Interview with Ryan Clarkin

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Rezan Levandovych:

What do you think the difference is between a mindset of a person who is productive versus the mindset of a person who is unproductive?


And I mean day to day productivity or long term productivity productivity you know accomplishing your goals and moving forward raising that differences


Ryan Clarkin:

I would say the mindset of someone who is unproductive is someone who has beliefs that are directing their attention towards themselves. So this is a distinction of focusing in versus focusing out and there is a belief system that causes that orientation with life and someone who is focused in. Because our belief systems influence our behavior.


So if you have a belief of people are going to judge me if I speak up, you’re going to be focused in.


If you have a belief that people are going to think poorly of my content or people are going to judge me for my business or people aren’t going to think that I’m credible.


Then you’re going to be focused in that and constantly spending your time sink and over analyzing and in analysis paralysis about your creation. And therefore not taking action versus someone who’s productive has a belief of, if I create something, a product, a business, a service. If I take action it’s going to serve people. It’s going to create fulfillment for me. And people are going to accept and be inspired by me.


So the productive person is out of their own way, a productive person is focused is focused out, is focused on the people that they’re serving, is focused on making a difference for those people and they’re not analyzing what it looks like and the judgement. And over analyzing about whether it’s the right move or the right decision.


Tony Robbins says something really calls cold if you’re in your head your dead. Meaning like if you’re in your head and they’re analyzing over analyzing your decisions you might as well be dead because you’re not making any impact or difference on your life and on other people’s lives and you’re not creating something better. And he doesn’t say that part. I say that part.


To live is to make a difference and to make a contribution that’s important to you and you’re not doing then you’re not being productive.


I’m not saying you should be dead, I’m saying like if that if that belief serves you have like if I’m not making a difference and I’m basically useless or if I’m over analyzing I’m basically useless, then that’s going to serve you to get into action because who wants to be useless?


Rezan Levandovych:

Absolutely, that was a huge shift for me personally. Once I was able to focus out… I get out of my head, I’m not analytical, not worried about how I look… I’m inspired to inspire others, I’m inspired to bring value to others and when you can bring more value to the marketplace, that’s when you get the most success.


And the people who are willing to give and give and give and focus and focus out, those are the ones who create the biggest value in their life. It’s not about perfectionism. It’s not about being perfect and having your life always perfect and everything’s going right. Odds are that’s not going to happen. And I think that if you stop focusing on that and focus on giving giving giving, without expectation in return, you’re going to create amazing results in your life.

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